Portrait of Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce

The Cameron Boyce Foundation (est. 2019) honors the legacy of Cameron Boyce by aiming to cure epilepsy through funding research, education and awareness campaigns while still supporting causes that were important to Cameron.

Portrait of Cameron Boyce smiling with hands in pockets.

Cameron Boyce was an actor and humanitarian whose voice had the power to elicit change through his wide reach and massive social following in more than 100 countries around the world. Cameron was extraordinary beyond measure, and The Cameron Boyce Foundation (TCBF) celebrates his life and legacy by continuing to work on the causes that were dear to Cameron’s heart and by raising awareness and working towards a cure for epilepsy.

Portrait of Cameron Boyce looking into camera.
“Look around, serve others— you’re not going to be here forever.  Do what you love and stay happy.”
Portrait of Cameron Boyce looking into camera.
“The leaders of tomorrow are fierce and unafraid.”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, and dubbed an “old soul” by many who encountered him, it’s no surprise that Cameron possessed an all-encompassing appreciation for the arts. His love of performing began in a dance studio, which then transitioned him into print ads, commercials, and television and film.

At twenty years of age, Cameron had already become a veteran of show business. He was perhaps most known for his roles as Luke in Disney Channel’s “Jessie” and as Carlos in the Disney Channel original movies, “Descendants.” Cameron also starred alongside Kiefer Sutherland in “Mirrors,” Shia LaBeouf in “Eagle Eye,” Kathryn Hahn in “Mrs. Fletcher,” and Adam Sandler in “Grown Ups”/“Grown Ups 2.”

Cameron was actively involved in many philanthropic efforts, including the Thirst Project; a non-profit organization that works with the support of young people to end the global water crisis. In 2018, Cameron launched a successful birthday campaign that built two freshwater wells in Swaziland. Because of this, he was honored with the Pioneering Spirit Award at Thirst Project’s ninth annual gala. After Cameron’s passing, the award was re-named the “Cameron Boyce Pioneering Spirit Award” in his honor.

Cameron tragically passed in 2019 from SUDEP, Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy, and TCBF was established in his honor. Cameron was keenly aware of the power of kindness, the blessing of family and the joy of the creative arts. He lived his life through this lens and TCBF will continue in that spirit with Cameron as our leader and compass.

Portrait of Cameron Boyce looking into camera.